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Characteristics of product

Roadseal Sealant, created from new technology, is used for repairing the cracks in asphalt and concrete road, bridge elastic joint and traffic signal sensor. Construction using Roadseal Sealant can be done in less time and amount of cost, compared to constructions using other method.
3 Key Technology

When our product, Roadseal is used in road, bridge, tunnel or concrete structure, it will be hard against temperature change. Structure will not change in high temperature, and will reduce the occurance of crack in low temperature.
Characteristics of product
  • Improvement in characteristics in high temperature :
    - Penetration, Flow rate reduced
    - Restoration rate, softening point increased
  • Improvement in characteristics in low temperature :
    - Cohesiveness in low tempera
    - ture increased
  • Improvement in resistance rate :
    - resistance increased
  • Improvement in cohesiveness with concrete :
    - Cohesiveness in normal and low temperature increased
Crack, Sealant standard
Test area and standard Standardization of crack sealant Standardization of joint sealant
test area test method test condition required number test condition required number
(Softening Point ASTM D 36 Ball & Ring 83℃ more than
Tensile dhesion ASTM D 5329 25℃ 700% more than
Ductility ASTM D 113 25℃ 400㎜ more than
Penetration ASTM D 5329 25℃, 150g, 5sec 9㎜ less than 25℃, 150g, 5sec 7.5㎜ less than
ASTM D 6297 -18℃, 200g, 60sec 1.0㎜ more than
Flow ASTM D 5329 60℃, Perpendicularity, 5hr 3㎜ less than 60℃, 5hr 3.0㎜ less than
Resilience ASTM D 5329 25℃ 60% more than 25℃ 40~70%
Asphalt Compatibility ASTM D 5329 Pass Pass
Installation Temp. range 182~199℃
Safe Heating Temp. range presented by sealant manufacturer 199~216℃
Bond ASTM D 3405 3cycles, -29℃ 50% Elongation pass 3cycles, -7℃ 100% Elongation pass
Flexibility ASTM D 5329 -23℃ Pass
name of related standard ASTM D 3405 :
Standard Specification for Joint Sealants, Hot-Applied for Concrete and Asphalt Pavements
ASTM D 6297 :
Standard Specification for Asphaltic Plug Joints for Bridges