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The existing covering emergency repair did not take the durability in the matter, since it was just emergency repair, but our Pot-hole product is the mixture of aggregate and sealant(RS, CR-AP), which has good characteristics of contraction and expansion. Also it adapt well to the temperature and climate change, not to show the falling off condition during rain or snow.

Hardening method

It is the construction method using our product for asphalt(RS-AP) or concrete(CR-AP) after eliminating dust or moisture. It can speed up the time consumed for construction and reduce the amount for construction as well.

Cutting type

It is the construction method used when damaged area is too big for hardening method. It can repair the damaged area while keeping the function and fine sight of the road.
Especially during the rainy season or thawing season, it is the best method to repair pot-hole of upper part of bridge.

After cutting out damaged area and wiping out the dust and moisture, use RS, CR-AP for hardening. Then finish up with closing coating at the top.