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  • Waterproofing

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underground structure waterproofing using 'self-adhesive membrane sheet' (magic sheet) is made of high polymer modified asphalt is designed to form multiple film of uniform thickness for improved water-tightness and workability.


  • A polymer modified asphalt improved to be durable at low temperatures which does not soften at gigh temperature and has excellent durability and weather resistance.
  • SBS triblock copolymer has very low thermal sensitivity, so is not brittle at low temperatures and is fluidic or alkalis.
  • A polymer modified asphalt with high elasticity and plasticity which is not easily fractured by crack asnd is highly resistant to crack movement self-adhesive at the joint, making a single body for high adhesive strength and water0tightness for a long term basis.

Cross section

Bottom + Wall system
Top + Wall system
Sheet joint detail drawing
Frailty reinforcement

Work sequence

  • Top and floor concrete : surface cleaning → primer coating → attaching magic sheet → waterproofing layer protection (protective mortar)
  • Wall concrete : surface cleaning → primer coating → 1st corner reinforcement (binder seal) → 2nd corner reinforcement (black jacket) → application of self-adhesive sheeting → waterproofing layer protection (PE form) → backfilling