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Waterproofing 하위메뉴


  • Waterproofing

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Super seayseal is a high performance, polymer-modified, emulsified asphalt waterproofing membrane. It is one-component material that can easily waterproofing foundation walls and other structures. After full cure, the product will remain flexible at cold temperatures and will not flow at hot temperatures.


  • Seamless low modulas elastomeric membrane
  • Retains flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood and metal
  • Can be applied to damp or green concrete
  • Contains no solvent and is environmentally friendly

Cross section

Wall system
Top + Wall system

Work sequence

  • Top and floor concrete : surface cleaning → application waterproofing material → application of protection mortar
  • Wall concrete : surface cleaning → 1st corner reinforcement (binder seal) → 2nd corner reinforcement (black jacket) → application of waterproofing material → application of protection materials → backfilling