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Bridge expansion Joint

Bridge structure is made by strong material in vertical direction or concrete, thus the huge amount of stress created by transformation of bridge can not be dealt by itself. Transformation of bridge is caused by temperature, creep, dryness, load of automobiles, etc.
They are related to the characteristics of material of bridge, geographical characteristics and weather. When structural steel and concrete are used for bridge expansion, upper part of the bridge has to be cut in appropriate length, and put slides between upper part and bottom part to absorb the stress.

Also, in order to use the slides, discontinuous part in the upper part of the bridge must exist. It will disturb the driving of automobiles. To minimize these problems, construction joint system is used.
Thus construction joint helps the travelling of traffic, and water proof. It also helps the function of bridge and structural safety of the bridge

Bridge Expansion Joint with Sealant

It can be used for bridge and multi- purpose structural joint. By using sealant in asphalt, it eliminates the joint to improve the water proof problem and leveling of the surface.
Recovery rate of expansionity is 40~70%, and it promises the more comfortable driving and prevents the corrosion of structural steel of bridge. It can reduce the construction period as well compared to other method.

Roadseal sealant(#54011) is made, based on ASTM D 6297.
ASTM D6297's property of material is recorded for bridge expansion sealant. When sealant that satisfies the property of material, and mixed in right ratio with appropriate aggregate, its expansionity will be 50㎜(±25㎜).
Also expansion joint takes care of the contraction and expansion, and maintain the water proof capability to prevent the corrosion of bridge. It also minimizes noise and provides good durability

Application of Roadseal Expansion Joint Sealant

Roadseal sealant is the product made, based on the ASTM D6297, thus its maximum contraction is 60㎜(±25㎜). Its design is shown below.

design of sealant joint(unit : ㎜)
Designed expansionity 10 20 30 40 50 60
Joint width(W) 100~150 150~200 200~300 300~400 400~500
Joint depth(T) 50~150 100~120
Distance between bridges(B) should be at least 10mm bigger than designed expansionity

Work sequence